Saturday, February 17, 2007

Outside Looking In

The night was young, and so were we. LIES, ALL LIES! Yes, the night was young but Perry and I aren't as young as we used to be. It was around 9pm. After dinner at Hard Rock CafĂ© and some celebrity sightings (Questlove, 50 cent, and Katt Williams) it was time to check-in at the hotel. The plan was to get dressed and head to a couple of parties. But I knew if I got within a couple of feet of a bed, it was going to be lights out! It had been a long day. So we checked in at the Westin Hotel only to be told our room was not ready. WTF? The room was supposed to be available at 3pm. We had at least an hour wait before the room would be ready we were informed. What the hell were we going to do for an hour? We had already eaten. We weren't dressed to go to out, and my energy was fading FAST. On the radio, a party hosted by fine azz actor Edris Elba, Big Tigga from BET, and Biz Markie was being promoted. With nothing but time to waste, we decided to roll through. Of course, neither one of us knew how to get there. So, while sitting in an intersection, we asked for directions downtown from a driver next to us. After a couple of wrong turns, we somehow ended up on the right street! By this time the music was sounding really good. So good, my energy level rose enough to start grooving in my seat as Perry drove. No dis to new school, but old school Hip-Hop is where it’s at. When a song brings you right back to the time and place you first heard it or reminds you of a special event you know you’ve got a classic. Whoever was DJ-ing the party we were listening to, was definitely an old head from the east coast.

Driving through downtown Vegas at night was like touring the inside of a 100 watt light bulb. It’s so bright you don’t need headlights and street lamps to see the street. Which brought to mind one question. Who they hell pays Vegas' electric bill? The city must have the ultimate hook up with power companies or do the residents carry the burden ? Ain’t enough prostitution and gambling in Vegas to pay for all that electricity the city soaks up!

Eventually, we arrive at the spot. Red carpet, search lights, and eager clubbers waiting to enter building made for a great spectacle. It was also a great people watching opportunity. So we parked the rental right at a corner to do just that. You know how we, as women, do. Perry and I criticized errthang from hair to shoes and everything in between. We also noticed if the cops thought a female was hot, they’d stop traffic for her to cross the street. Some girls crossed without assistance. LOL. Unfortunately, the po-po rolled up behind us and made us move. The car was angled so it appeared we were going to make a turn. Of course, we never did. So we drove around the block several times and parked damn near where we were before to continue being nosy. The view wasn’t as a good as before but we could still see people entering the club. For nearly 2 hours we sat in the car doing nothing but people-watching, dancing to music on the radio, and laughing. During our stake-out Cedric the Entertainer and Big Tigga did arrive. After a couple of pictures on the red carpet the entered the club. Once inside Tigga interrupted the music to talk to the crowd. You could have bought Perry and I for a penny when he addressed the crowd with several “motherfuckers”. Obviously, nobody told him the radio station was broadcasting live from the club. It was after midnight, but to the FCC it would not matter. He continued talking and cursing until the station must have turned his mic off. We listened to dead air for minute then an Isley Brother’s tune started playing. That signaled the end of the live show and the beginning of our trip back to the hotel to check-in for real this time. Though chillin’ in the car like teenagers was fun, my old ass was more than ready to go to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a full day of adventures.

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