Sunday, February 25, 2007

Positive over Negative

And the award goes too…."My Nappy ROOTS" for Festival's Choice for Best Documentary. Applause, please! Although we had issues with the Pan African Film Festival's coordination and professionalism during our initial screening, we still received a major award from it. Awards and special recognitions go along way in promoting a film and especially in wooing a distributor. Ideally, we hope to have a limited theatrical release then go to DVD. Wow, the thought of attending and walking down the red carpet to a great film I helped produce makes me smile. But there is still much to do before that idea can become a reality.

The other great thing that came out of the film festival is doing an interview at AOL for AOL Black Voices. The shoot was done at the new LA office in Beverly Hills. The film's co-director and producer, Regie Kimbell, arrived a little late, but got there in time to get hair and make-up done. Figuring out what to do with her hair took a little longer than expected, so I suggested she just wear it the way she did on the red carpet. Once she was "dusted for the balcony", we were led to the set where we met the interviewer. The set was decorated simply with a couple of panels. Each panel had an Afrocentric design that complemented the theme of the festival. At least 4 cameras captured Reggie at various angles.

Fast forward 2 weeks. While surfing AOL Black Voices I came across Reggie's interview on AOL's 2007 PAFF webpage. They edited the interview down to 7 minutes and included some pictures from the film. After watching it, I watched Black Voices coverage of the opening nights red carpet event. Although Regie and Jay did the red carpet, they were not featured in the video. However, if you observe what's going on in the background of the video, you'll see me featured quite prominently. I'm walking, talking, taking pictures, and unknowingly mean mugging. I promise I had no clue I was in the way that much.
If I had been the editor, I would have been pissed that some chick in a tan jacket was walking through so many shots. Truly, the only reason I was on the carpet was to take some pics of Jay and Reggie. Initially my intent was to go home and change into a black outfit, but I just didn't have the time. Traffic leaving the valley was bad, so there was no way I would have made it home and back to Hollywood in time. So I came to the event right after work.
As most of my friends know, I chose my path behind the camera long ago, so to get that much camera time without really trying is ironic to me. I'm not sure whether to happy about it or down right embarrassed. However, one thing is certain; I'm definitely not mad about it.

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