Sunday, February 18, 2007

Here We Go Again!

Saturday morning's sleep-in was interrupted by a 10 am wake-up call. Perry, a publicist, submitted my name as Associate Producer of film, "My Nappy ROOTS," to a show that was being taped by TV One. A representative from the show called to tell us that we were wanted for the taping and that a limo would be picking us up at noon. Production was scheduled to start at 1 pm. Further conversation with the representative led us to believe the show wanted to do an interview of some sort. For a camera shy chick like me, the idea of getting in front of the camera made me a little anxious. But if it meant promoting the film, I’d take one for the team. A limo was to arrive by noon.

After going downstairs to print some info about the documentary, we headed outside to wait for the limo pick-up. We waited 30 minutes and called our show contact again. She told us to call the limo company, which is a task she should've handled as a rep from the show. We called and left a message. When an hour passed we called the show rep again and got directions to the taping location, the Red Rock Hotel and Casino. It was nowhere close and required getting on the highway to get there. Supposedly, it was 20 minutes away from the strip. At this point, I suspected another PAFF experience but tried to remain hopeful.

With traffic, the 20-minute drive time was debatable. The Red Rock was a very modern hotel, drastically different in layout and design from the other hotels/casinos on the strip. Large glass red doors that greeted you at the entrance and lots of interesting art and furniture made from rocks complemented its d├ęcor. We were greeted by the show representative and led to the set. During the walk through the lobby area, Perry handed her the film's production notes and bio. When she gave it back and informed her to give it to someone else, another red flag when up in my mind. The entrance to the set was a mirrored tunnel drenched in red. Truly, it looked like a set piece of a music video. The representative then walked us outside to the waiting area and told us it wouldn't start until 2:30pm. What happened to the 1 pm we were told previously? Then we were instructed to just make ourselves comfortable on the patio and wait to be called. Instead of sitting in the heat we grabbed a bite to eat from the food court. We got back just in time to see an interview in progress. Sheila Johnson, America’s first Black female billionaire, was on the set. She and former husband, Robert Johnson, split the profits of the sell of BET. The shoot was a typical 3 camera set up and live to tape. Once her interview ended, I heard the name, "Nappy Roots" being called so I told the PA I was ready. She looked confused. "Are you a group?" She asked. I informed her I was there representing the film, not a group. To my surprise, the rap group, Nappy Roots, was actually there for an interview and proceeded to the set. Obviously, there was some major confusion going on. Why would they need both a film and a rap group with a similar name for a show? That question went unanswered. So we waited in the wings. As we watched the interview in progress, I gestured for the show's publicist to come over to us. Upon asking about my interview, we were informed there would not be one. We were welcome to continue wasting time watching the production, but I was not to be interviewed. There was no way to squeeze me in she said…the shoot schedule was set. She then walked away. What the hell? Before I could say anything that would truly reveal my frustration, I headed for the exit. Once again, we had experienced an unexcusable lack of professionalism by our own. How the hell could a show call us at 10 am for an interview, inform us of limo pick-up, then treat us like spectators when we get there? Truly, I had to get out of there fast before I acted like a DMX song. As we exited, Perry--always the professional--dealt with the niceties of saying goodbye to the chick that called us there to begin with. Having nothing positive to say, I angrily waited by the door. Our whole damn morning and part of the afternoon was wasted for nothing! The more I thought about it, the more pissed I became. But according to Perry the shoot was not a total waste because we talked briefly with Sheila Johnson and her assistant about "My Nappy ROOTS". Only time will tell if anything results from our brief meeting.

Saturday night was a bust too, but I wasn't mad about it. We got dressed, explored our options, and came back. We dropped by the NBA League party, but without tickets it was a no go. So we went back to Empire, Friday night's spot. It was dead in comparison to the night before. So, the highlight of the night for me was going to Sonic to get something to eat. To Perry’s surprise, I had never been there before. But now I’ve experienced one of their delicious fruit slushies, you can trust I’ll be back.

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