Friday, February 16, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

It's day one of my NBA All Star weekend. The day began as it usually does. Get up, get dressed, and get out. All the airport check-ins went without any problems. As I wait with other travelers to board, my road-dog for the weekend, Perry, informs me she's getting to Vegas late, real late. Originally, there was only an hour difference between our arrival times. But somehow "p" in pm looked like an "a" so she booked the wrong flight. Long story short, she arranged to fly out on the next thing smoking. So here I sit in an internet café waiting for her arrival, with some dude that's in a t-shirt and shorts. In about 2 hours his azz is gonna regret that wardrobe decision. Vegas nights can be cold I'm told. And since I've got time to waste let me give you a play by play of my surroundings. First, dude I just mentioned could use a pedicure. People, if your heels looked like they're still in white socks, don't wear flip flops! Loud Hip Hop music is playing through speakers above my head. The DJ's sound like some old-head Rick Dees types. As Biggie Smalls says "if you don't know now you know" more people come in off the street. A female sits beside me and begins quoting Biggie breath for breath. Naw, she ain't a sista. A quick glance reveals she's possibly Indian (not Native American) or middle-eastern. Another quick glance at the clock says, my partner in crime should be arriving soon. Of course, I have no idea how to get to the airport to pick her up. But there's potentially thousands in town that can give me directions.

Before I log off, I have to tell how this trip to Vegas almost ended before it began. Truly, I've got a testimony to tell. I know you weren't expecting to get into that right about now. But if God hadn't granted me favor, I wouldn't be typing this story. So, let me start at the beginning. I arrived in Vegas with no problems. Took the shuttle to Alamo to pick up our chariot for the weekend. And that's where things almost went bad, real bad. While talking to Perry who was on her way, I informed her of our car options. A silver Corolla seemed to be a good choice. So with luggage in tow, I walked towards it to get a better look. Placing my computer on the driver's seat, I leaned in and inspected the car's interior. Then while looking through the passenger window a pretty maroon Hyndai Sonata caught my attention. This car was me all day. So I put my luggage in the trunk of the Sonata and headed to the Vegas Strip. First stop, CVS drug store to pick up liquids prohibited on the plane. While in the check out line, an internal voice asked clearly. "Where's your computer totebag? What would happen if you left it?" "Nothing," I responded, thinking it was in the trunk. Of course, when I opened the trunk to confirm this, my heart dropped. I had left my beloved computer and friend, Tyrone Powers, IV, at Alamo. All I could think to do was drive and pray repeatedly,"Lord, please don't let me lose my baby!". Alamo was only a few miles away so I sped back toward the "Welcome to Vegas" sign and continued to pray out loud. When I looked at my cell phone, I noticed the battery indicator glaring at me. This call was going be my last 'cause I didn't pack a car charger. Still, with the little power it had left, I called Alamo. Of course, no one had returned a computer. Like a mad woman, I pulled into Alamo and told the attendant my story. No one had reported anything to him. So, I went inside to Lost and Found, only to become more anxious and frustrated. Then just as I was about to go back to the rental car, the outside attendant approached me. "A guy just reported a black computer bag in one of the cars on the lot," he informed me. Before he could say another word, I was out the door. The informant had almost driven away! Just a few seconds after I pounced on him, the attendant asked him to repeat we had said before. "There's a bag on the seat in that Corolla," he said quickly and drove away. I sprinted in the direction he pointed with the attendant right behind me, telling me which silver Corolla to run to. Slightly tented windows kept me from seeing inside so I quickly yanked open the door. And there was Tyrone, sitting on the driver's seat, as if he had been waiting for me to come back. With the attendant as my witness, I thanked God repeatedly aloud, while holding my computer to me. You would have thought I had been reunited with a kidnapped child. To think, I came so close to loosing hundreds of files, costly software, and an even greater expensive computer. Truly, gratitude doesn't even begin to describe how I felt. The only way to somewhat express it was with an embrace. I couldn't wrap my arms around God, so I tightly hugged the attendant like we were long lost siblings. He totally didn't see it coming. Then with computer in hand, I walked to back to my rental still thanking God. The end. Fade to black and roll credits.

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