Monday, March 26, 2007

I Heard A Word

Sunday. 7 am. Hurriedly, I prepare to hear "the word". As I drive through quiet streets, I pray today's word will give me some profound insights about my life and my purpose in it. It's been a week since my last interview, and I haven't heard a word. So, I hope this Sunday's word at West Angeles will be uniquely designed for me. Selfish prayer, I know, but I am never in the house of God by coincidence. Whenever I ask for direction, clarity, or spiritual comfort God often leads me there.

"Receiving The Truth From Lying Lips," is the title of today's word. Thought provoking title, but the message is relatively simple: No matter what you've done or where you think you are in life, God loves you; He sacrificed His son for you. You need only to believe in Him and His word. Good sermon, but not exactly the word I had prayed for, or so it seems.

7 p.m. I am rushing again. From a church house to a liquor house I go in search of the word, but this time it's what popularly known as spoken word. Miyagi's on Sunset is the place and Spoken Funk is the provider of the message. Every Sunday comics and poets are given an opportunity to do their thing before an audience. But tonight's event serves a greater purpose then mere entertainment. Niecy, one of the Spoken Funk's performers, lost her home in a fire. So donations and gifts are being collected at the door on her and her kids' behalf. Near the end of the show, she takes the stage and delivers a moving testimony. "God is real," she simply states. Fighting back tears, she tells us since the fire, she has been blessed with money and clothing from people and places she never expected. Without anger or bitterness, she reflects on loosing precious personal items that can never be replaced and having only the clothes on her back. Yet, through it all she says she has been shown the true power of God. Then after she speaks, an audience member is invited on stage to make an announcement. He says he heard about her loss from one of the poets. And since he had been blessed with a new car, he was going to give Neicy his old one. I look for her to do a Price is Right reaction across the stage. Yet, she doesn't move. Stunned, she looks at the man as if he had turned into Bob Barker before her eyes. Even after she manages to thank him, Neicy still asks him, "are you serious?" as they exit the stage.

It's now 7 am again. Monday morning. A second week of unemployment awaits me. But I am not worried. God did speak to me yesterday, once at church and then again at Miyagi's. And, yes, God can be found there too! If God can bless a woman who lost almost everything with money, clothing, shelter, and a new car through the generosity of strangers, why should I worry whether I will be blessed with a job? Truly, the blessing is in knowing that my needs and Neicy's needs will be taken care of. It's called faith. Faith is indeed the word.

"His eye on the sparrow, and I know He watches over me…"

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