Friday, April 27, 2007

Apprentice Winner Randall Pinkett Authors Campus CEO

Apprentice 4 Winner, Randall Pinkett, Is Big Man on Campus With New Book

Calling all entrepreneurs real, imaginary, and undecided! NBC's Season 4 Apprentice winner, Randall Pinkett, has a word for you. In fact, he's got a lot of words that he's assembled in a new book called Campus CEO: The Student Entrepreneur's Guide to Launching a MultiMillion-Dollar Business. However, the message between the pages is not restricted to college students. Campus CEO is a handbook, not a textbook written for anyone trying to reach the top of his or her game in business.

Before appearing on Donald Trump's hit reality show, Pinkett was the Co-Founder and CEO of BCT, a minority-owned multi-million dollar technology firm based in Newark, NJ. His success story began as a student at Rutgers University selling CDs and cassette tapes to fund high school outreach activities. In Campus CEO he shares this story and other experiences to show readers how to start and run a profitable business while still in school. By doing so, he also hopes to inspire everyone, especially young people, to start thinking about how to wealth. In Campus CEO readers will find how to:

• Develop a successful business plan and secure funding.
• Take Risks and accept uncertainty
• Be persistent and learn from mistakes
• Discover the many advantages for entrepreneurs on college campuses

Importantly, student readers will also learn how to strive for success in business without sacrificing achievement in academics. To get more information about the book visit Campus CEO's and Randall Pinkett's websites. And to hear Randall speak about his inspiration for the book hit the play button below:

And what's he been up to since his win on The Apprentice ?


Anonymous said...

Great to see the update on the real Apprentice. Though I don't watch much television, I remember him as the one Donald asked to share his title and him responding, "It's the Apprentice not the Apprentie." Yeah, brother is bad and was bad before he won the show. Speaking of badness, my sister, you have done an outrageously, fabulous job with your blog. Great work and great writing! Congrats. doctg

Anonymous said...

GREAT BOOK! Wow, who knew all those companies were started by students.