Friday, April 20, 2007

The Women Who Raised Me: Victoria Rowell Book Signing

Drucilla Is Dead, But Victoria Rowell Lives On...

And she's doing so fabulously! As stated in a previous blog, Victoria Rowell, is allowing fans to see her in a different light--as a writer, more specifically as an author. And that's only the beginning. While attending her book signing for The Women Who Raised Me, it was announced the talented ballet dancer, award-winning actress, and now author had made it to the New York Times Best Sellers List. Go 'head Ms. Rowell! The book chronicles her life and inspirations by introducing us to the interesting women that molded her into successful woman we've come to know today. As most know, Rowell spent all of her childhood in foster care.

To a full house at Eso-Won Books located in the historic Black art district, Leimert Park, Rowell read excerpts from her memoir. The crowd listened attentively, laughing occasionally at humorous anecdotes from her life. Reading slowly, she painted a picture of her different mothers and their individual personalities and strengths. Then with the help of her soothing voice, we traveled back in time with Rowell to experience her introduction to big city living in Boston, Motown music, rent parties, and a "laid-out brother from the hood...blown out 'fro...complete with black power fist attached.." who "smelled as good as he looked". And at that phrase, seemingly every woman in the room, myself included, knowingly nodded and smiled as we remembered that one unforgettably fine brotha from our past.

After taking questions from the audience she signed books, took countless photos, and talked to fans. Everyone was greeted with a smile and ready Sharpie. One of the things that impressed me most was how she called the elders up first--not senior citizens, grandparents, or the 60 and up, but elders. Use of the word said immediately to me that she held a sincere respect for those that came before her. And the second things that impressed me was her business sense. Not dollars and sense but the business of show, as we call it, and how to make it work for you, not vice versa. In addition, she proved to be a human library on all things concerning foster care, from various foundations to schools that had the best social work programs. Again, I say go'head Ms. Rowell. She even has a foundation of her own called the Rowell Foster Children's Positive Plan and is the national spokesperson for the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Go to Victoria's website to learn more. Look forward also to seeing her in 2 upcoming films, Home of the Brave with Samuel L. Jackson in May and Of Boys and Men next year starring Robert Townsend.

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Y&R fan said...

Victoria, you are greatly missed on Y&R! Do your thang girl. We'll look for you in your other stuff. Conrats on the book.