Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tavis Smiley's Road to Health Hits L.A.

Road to Health Paved With Good Intentions

Before we get on the road, let's first get a map of the American landscape. In case you haven't heard, the richest country in the world is living large and in charge of everything put its diet. In other words America is fat. No, not P.H.A.T but fat. Think the Fat Boys, The Weathergirls, Norbit, The Nutty Professor, or better yet Santa Clause and you'll get the right idea. To address the issue amongst African-American and Latin-American communities, author, speaker, and tv and radio talk show host, Tavis Smiley created the Road to Health Expo. The Expo lasts for 2 days and has traveled from Atlanta, Baltimore, and Los Angeles enlightening communities about health and nutrition concerns and how to tackle them. The last stop will be in Oakland in May 11-12. The most recent event was held at Los Angeles' Convention Center March 30th and 31st. It consisted of live performances, celebrity appearances, workshops, and a health and wellness pavilion.

To help pave the Road to Health in LA, 93.5 KDAY, radio personality, YOYO came by to share some love and wisdom with the kids. I promise she hasn't aged since "You Can't Play With My YoYo" days. In a trendy hat, t-shirt and jeans, she looked fabulous, NATURALLY! And to this day, I swear, her 1992 hit,Black Pearl, is still one of my favorite female anthems. I wore that cassette out listening to Black Pearl and Cleopatraon my way to class. But you don't hear me though! Ooooh, how I miss those golden moments in Hip Hop. Anyway, I digress. Although the kids in the pictures are probably to young to know anything about those songs or her recurring role on Martin, they bum-rushed her with adoration. With arms outstretched she welcomed their hugs and happily met each request for autographs with a smile and words of encouragement. Currently, she and MC Lyte have created Let Your Light Shine Youth Foundation to empower kids in the community. To wee what else YoYo is up to visit her page at 93.5 KDAY

Actress turned author, Victoria Rowell, shared the stage with Tavis to do audience give-aways. Wearing the cutest outfit I've seen in a minute, she worked the crowd like a pro with charm and enthusiasm. Then after the last home appliance and Nike tote bag were given away, she informed us about her new book, The Women Who Raised Me. The autobiography honors the mentors in her life that helped her reach success. As most know, Rowell grew up in foster care. To learn more about her and her new book visit Victoria's website. And for you individuals between jobs, like myself, that have all day to write and possibly watch a soap opera or two, you may still be able to see her as Victoria out on CBS' The Young and The Restless. And if Y&R was the family babysitter for 3 generations, then you'll remember when her character, Drucilla, first appeared on the scene. Which reminds me--did they ever find out Dru's first baby daddy was actually Malcolm, her fine brother-in-law, portrayed by Shemar Moore?

The last big surprise of the day was the appearance of the lovely Triple Crown Middleweight Champion and my Dancing With The Stars favorite, Laila Ali. She stopped by with her dance instructor, cutie-pie, Maksim, and a ABC camera crew to promote exercise and healthy living, and of course the show. And yes, she is just as pretty in person. She's so pretty you want to hit her, but the fact that she could knock your pants flat quicker than you can blink, keeps you from doing anything or saying anything stupid. Truly, all hateration aside, she is blessed with beauty, brain, talent, and brawn making her a threat in the ring and in the round. Her father was known for his fancy footwork, and now his daughter is using the same to win the Dancing With The Stars competition. Yes, I said WIN. I'm a big believer in speaking things into happening. And while I'm speaking the word let's also be doers of the word. KEEP VOTING FOR HER PEOPLE! If you've missed an episode of the show just go to Dancing With The Stars. And while your surfing check out Laila's official site.

Other celebs arrived throughout the 2 day event, but I couldn't get pictures of everybody and work as well. For this event my job was to help coordinate limo pick-up and arrivals. Sounds easy, but let one limo arrive late or not all and Satan's homies can break lose. So I spent most of my time outside greeting drivers and making sure people were picked up on time and headed in our direction. Thank God the weather was gorgeous. Now I don't have to wait until summer to get my tater-tot tan.

To learn more about Tavis and his upcoming events visit these sites:
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Damn, where has YoYo been! Good to see her. She look just like she did back in the day. Will this tour ever to the east coast?