Monday, April 23, 2007

That's Wassup!

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If you heard that Kansas City Star sports columnist, Jason Whitlock, will be replacing Imus at New York's CBS radio station, WFAN-AM, then you heard wrong. According to news sources, it is only a rumor. But if you heard Imus in the Morning producer, Robert McGuirk got the boot, then you heard right. CBS permanently lowered the fader on him last Thursday. Source: Euroweb

The unofficial King of R&B, Bobby Brown, and his queen, Whitney Houston, will officially be divorced Tuesday, April 24th. Sole custody of their princess, Bobby Kristina, 14, goes to Houston with Brown receiving visitation rights. And their castle in the south will be listed as "no community property". Source: Euroweb

From a "Dreamgirl" to a "Frog Princess", Tony Award winning Anika Noni Rose, will be the voice of Disney's first African-American princess. Scheduled for release in 2008, The Frog Princess centers around a 19-year-old character set in 1920's New Orleans. Out with the Mac and in with Crayola, the film is the first to feature hand-drawn animation since 2004. I pray they use lots of browns. Source: BTN

Stay tuned there's more to see of Alicia Keyes on the big screen. The singer turned actress will star in the upcoming film, The Nanny Diaries. She plays the role of Lynette, the best friend of lead character, Annie Braddock, played by Scarlett Johansson. The film is scheduled to hit theaters September 2007. Source: Various

Since he's got the Magic Stick, rapper 50 Cent will now have complimentary protection to go with it. According to the New York Post he plans to launch a condom line and give a percentage of the proceeds to HIV awareness campaigns. From tank tops to energy drinks and from films to book publishing, what will this P-I-M-P think to sell next? Can't knock his hustle. Source: Upscale 4/07

We know that Laila Ali is a champion boxer, but she's proving herself to be champion dancer too. Must be in the genes! But once she hangs up the dance shoes, what's next? Fitness and health. She's got a DVD in stores now featuring Sugar Ray Leonard called Lightweight & Heavyweight Workout. Check out my archived blog featuring her and Maksim at Tavis Smiley's Road to Health event in LA. And read how she and fiance, ex-NFL player, Curtis Conway, plan to dance at their wedding at AOL.

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It's about damn time they did an animated movie with real black people not animals.