Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hip Hop Project Director, Matt Ruskin

Hip Hop Project Director, Matt Ruskin, talks with Hollywood: As I Live & Work

The Hip Hop Project hits theaters this weekend and I'm expecting a box office hit by Monday. I'm not even going to allow myself to think about the "what ifs"? I'm going to think and speak positively. This film is going to do very well financially, but more importantly those who see it will leave the theater uplifted. But, we all have a role to play in its success. If film and music execs don't hear cha-ching at the box office or in music stores this weekend, then they won't support films and albums like this one in the future. So as was stated before, the power is with the consumer. Hit the theaters, take some friends, and especially some young people in need of self expression and those aspiring to make it big in the Hip Hop game. And if you "got yours" already then be inspired by Kazi's story of redemption and forgiveness. We can all relate to that!

Earlier this week, Hip Hop Project director, Matt Ruskin took time out of his hectic schedule to talk to me. We talked about the filmmaking process, how Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah got involved, and what impact the film had on his life.

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