Friday, May 04, 2007

The Secret

The Magic is Working!

Nearly two weeks ago I finally watched, The Secret. Since it's release last year there has been much conversation in the country and probably around the world, about this film. Even before Oprah decided to do a show about it, there has been much debate about whether the The Secret's law of attraction has any validity. According to the film, many of the greatest minds in history--Einstein, Plato, Beethoven,---utilized The Secret to impact the world. However, the list of renown thinkers, philosophers, and inventors didn't impress me because I saw no mention of women nor anyone of non-European descent. As an African-American woman it comes naturally for me to look for that kind of inclusion.

Still, the lack of anyone listed that I could relate to historically or culturally didn't stop me from viewing it. Not to mention, the DVD was given to me by the insightful House Hunters host and actress, Suzanne Whang as a gift. She felt it would be helpful to me as I prepared for my next adventures in life. In fact, this strong Asian woman, gifted another strong African-American woman that then presented it to the world through her television empire in Chicago--with permission I'll tell that story later. So now having seen it, I can attest that The Secret transcends race and gender and speaks to us as human beings, or more accurately spirit beings. Seeing is believing, but don't allow misconceptions to deceive you about who can benefit from the film.

After my personal screening, the earth didn't move--at least not on my side of town-- nor did I suddenly have all the solutions to the situations I once deemed as problems in my life. What I received instead was inspiration and importantly, motivation. The next day I bought a little white poster and created my "manifestation board". On it, I glued pictures of the different things I want to receive in life in terms of wealth, relationships, career, and some fun stuff. To the unknowing eye it may appear to be some childish collage, but to me it says a lot about where I see myself in the future.

The following week I began doing the visualization exercises that are also demonstrated in the film. Basically, I saw myself having and doing whatever I desired in life. That Friday, my positive thinking and prayer paid off when my case in traffic court was dismissed. All week long I envisioned the judge telling me the case was thrown out. But honestly, my faith weakened momentarily when I witnessed the defendants before me lose. To keep the doubt at bay, I refocused on walking out of the courtroom victorious. So when I heard the judge announce the dismissal, I almost danced out of the court room. Then to make matters even better, the moment I got home I received a call for a job interview for a position I had applied for the night before. The magic of positive thinking was working! That said, I dare anyone with nothing to lose and all to gain to see The Secret for themselves.

Fast forward to Monday. One of the things on my manifestation board is symbolic of this blog. I've been writing diligently for the past 2 months hoping somebody looking for an entertainment writer would take notice. Well, it's now official! Two of my blogs will soon be published in Hollywood Weekly, a local magazine for readers interested in Hollywood culture, news, and events. Not only that, but another article I submitted about premonitions will also be published in the May issue. Again I say, "the magic is working"!

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