Thursday, May 31, 2007

What I Want For My Birthday!

Yes, boys and girls, I'm turning a year older today. How old, you ask? Old enough! Let's just say I'm a G-R-O-W-N gemini woman! Last year, I treated myself to a massage at a local Burke Williams spa that led to a blind Asian masseuse working me over. When his skillful hands came in contact with my hair he froze. Get your minds out the gutter, people! I'm talking about the hair on my head! The cute little man confessed he had never come in contact with a black woman's natural hair. So as he worked out the kinks in my neck, I explained the kinks in my hair texture. Trust me, it was a special first for both of us.

But that was last year. How will I honor my special day this year? Working, that's how--something I haven't done on my birthday in over a decade. I choose to work 'cause I'm striving toward some goals so that next year I can really do something fun. Here's the short list of what I'm trying to do:

Acquire a means of wealth. Do it like the rich white guys do--create a great business that generates residual income. I can stack riches while tanning on some remote island. And with wealth comes freedom, and with freedom comes responsibility--the responsibility to use that wealth to benefit not just myself but my community. Notice I didn't say I wanted a job! I've spent the majority of my life making others rich, helping them realize their dreams, and now it's high time to do it for myself.
I am changing....

Buy a new Intel Mac computer. Just when I got comfortable with my Power PC G4, affectionately known as Tyrone Powers, IV., new technology and video editing for this blog demand a new baby with more memory and better bells and whistles. I swear I'm turning into a computer geek! If I can't download it, I don't want it! However, that ain't true for everything. LOL.

Buy a new car. Me and Corolla have had some great memories. Corolla has shared my ups and downs, driven me across country, and taken me to places I never thought I would go. And it's still has less than 200,000 miles! But LA has not been kind to Corolla. Break-ins and 2 car accidents have taken a toll underneath it's new paint job. So I'm dreaming of a pretty burgundy or marroon mid-sized SUV that's sensitive to the environment yet sexy on the road.

And the icing on the cake--- buy my first house. Though that's nothing new. I've desired my own home since I was a kid. And now it's time to make that a reality. Question is, where? East coast, west coast, or both? Both. If you're gonna dream, dream big!

I know, that's quite a list but each one is obtainable and beats a humorous afternoon with a blind masseuse any day. So, happy birthday to me! I'm blessed to see the age of __. I'll let you fill in the blank! All of my needs are supplied. Combine that with good friends, family, and a lot of things to look forward to and I have nothing to really be mad about--even working. I'll honor this day, my birthday, by just being thankful.

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