Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blogging For Success

Anybody remember the old E.F. Hutton commercials? The slogan was "When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen." I've been listening a lot lately, not to E.F. Hutton but to something more omniscient. For months now, I've been trying to figure out how to make this blog successful financially. I've surfed similar sites that feature celebrity news and events and at first I envied their success. That's an honest statement! Yes, for about a minute I hated on them. But then I realize what I have to offer many of them don't. Most owners of these "snatch and grab" sites--I call them that because they snatch and grab pictures and bits of gossip to use for content--don't live in Los Angeles, much less Hollywood, nor work in the entertainment industry. Yet, the industry uses these sites to promote events and products because of the site's high traffic. Which means these gossip sites obviously have something of worth to someone. It's business. I understand business, but don't always agree with business as usual models. Then just as quickly as the envy came, it went. Why hate on somebody else's blessing? Truly, it's a useless practice. My time to shine is coming and I won't have to rely on celebrity gossip to receive it.

So I was about to purchase an ebook revealing the secrets to blogging success when something told me just to do a Google search. I typed in "how to make money blogging." In the results, I clicked on an entry titled "How To Make Money From Your Blog", a site authored by a personal development guru, Steve Pavlina. I had never heard of them, but that didn't stop me reading. After a couple of paragraphs I felt I was led to his site because it was exactly what I needed to read. Not to mention, it was free. His honest straight forward approach explained step by step what to do. But what impressed me most was that his philosophies for writing mirrored mine. Pavlina and I write because we have a passion for certain things and feel we have something to say that can be useful to other people. He's no Dr. Phil and I'm no Oprah, but both of us have experiences that someone can learn from, and so does everyone else.

So can you make money blogging? Most Definitely! There are hundreds of people hearing "cha-ching" every time they hit the "publish" button. What's their secret? It's a combination of things: Good content, attracting heavy traffic, and advertising. Some began as simple sites about a topic of interest. While other wealthy writers had a specific goal. They created a strategy to receive their desired results through Internet marketing then developed their site around their goals.

So what's my mission in blogsphere? To write and to make a good living doing so. How do I plan to achieve this? Write my ass off! Which I realize will keep me writing until my dying day. My back pockets are always full! LOL. But really, I plan to write truthfully with the purpose to educate, enlighten, and entertain--but not necessarily in that order. And yes, use marketing and advertising tools responsibly to generate money. However, I will NOT pimp this site to sell readers anything unless it's something I personally have found to be useful or interesting. Thus, I will not write just to make money, but will write to attract blessings, including money. And the rest is up to the universe.

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