Monday, June 04, 2007

2007 MTV Movie Awards, Please Hold!

That was my mantra for the past five days. As the office assistant/receptionist for the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, one of my jobs was too answer the production office phones ( I lead such a glamorous life, I know). Of course, the phones rang incessantly most of the day and into the night. Fortunately, I was not alone in handling the task. Another assistant and I acted as a tag team to respond to each call. It was Ebony and Ivory versus Nervous Breakdown aka constantly ringing telephones and blaring walkie chatter in a championship battle every day. And when my partner was pulled out of the ring, I fought valiantly alone.

It was a job not for the faint of heart or easily flustered. When six calls came in at once and every caller thought his or her request was more important than the last, things got a little crazy, especially on show day. Everybody and their cousin called to get tickets, park a limo, or contact an executive. Add to that the fans or stalkers resourceful enough to get the production office number and you have just a glimpse of how I spent last Saturday and Sunday.

"No sir, I can not give you Mark Burnett's cell number!"

"Yes, I understand you're the assistant to (name anybody famous) but you'll still need a credential to....hello...hello...". Dial tone.

"2007 Music Awards....oh you're right! It's the Movie Awards. I'm sorry. I've obviously worked one award show too many. Who would you like speak with? Please hold.

No, it wasn't the most glamorous job of the production, but trust it was one of the most important. So important, I only left the phones to quickly gulp down lunch and to use the ladies room. And once show rehearsals began lunch was had by the phone. I refused to take the phone with me to the bathroom, not that they asked. But then again, it was an MTV production. If you saw the show, then you know the network would do almost anything to get a laugh.

So did I get to see the celebs on the red carpet or live on stage? Sure did. Jay Z and the other stars looked real nice on the production office monitor.

But as the show came to an end, I did escape the office to see some of the stars milling around the VIP lounge area. Here's a few pics:

The exit from the Gibson amphitheater

Tyrese brightening up the scene with his beautiful smile

Eva Mendes chatting with friends

Chris Tucker talking with an associate

John Travolta, another familiar celebrity face in the crowd

Everyone appeared to be having a good time, but for most celebrities in attendance it was just another day at work. As you can guess, Chris Tucker was there to promote Rush Hour 3 and John Travolta and others from the cast attended to promote Hairspray . Both films hit theaters this summer. And let's not forget all the titles currently in theaters or available now on DVD. An award show nomination and an actor's attendance helps boost sales in those projects as well.

If you missed the show, trust it will be in heavy rotation on MTV in the following weeks. But if you can't sit by the tv or program your TiVo to record it, then just visit MTV to see the highlights of the 2007 MTV Movie Awards.

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