Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wendy Wheaton's Testimonies of Faith

DVD Explores Spirituality and Celebrity

Of the 122 films that screened recently at the 2007 Hollywood Black Film Festival, Wendy Wheaton's Testimonies of Faith, was the only title familiar to me. I had seen the DVD in stores, especially Wal-Mart, but despite my interest never purchased it. Amid the independent films chronicling violent street life and love's consequences, what always stood out most to me was the film's subject matter. Faith.

Working in Hollywood or trying to do so, has definitely put my faith to the test. In fact, I'm willing to say that most of us striving toward some measure of success in this business have a testimony to share. And sharing that testimony with peers often inspires us to hold on to our faith when hopeful dreams seem to turn into nightmares.

So I went to the Testimonies of Faith screening hoping for two things: 1. to be uplifted; and 2. to get an interview with the film's producer, Wheaton Wheaton. I accomplished both. Our first meeting had been months ago at the Randall Pinckett, Campus CEO, book signing.

In the brief interview, Wendy explained her inspiration for doing the film, her production process, and what she hopes audiences will get from viewing it.

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To learn more about the filmmaker, visit her site, the Hollywood Scoop, listed under my favorite Hollywood links.

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