Friday, June 01, 2007

Jill Scott Headlines UCLA Jazz Festival

UCLA Jazz & Reggae Festival

Great food, great music and lots of sunshine. UCLA's 2007 Jazz and Reggae Festival had everything for a perfect Memorial Day weekend, except shade--that you had to supply on your own. I enjoyed two days of festivities with Black N LA, an organization that provides an online resource center for events happening in and around Los Angeles. Gotta business or an upcoming party, play, or concert to promote? Then let Black N LA help you do so through email blasts, online newsletters, and business listings. Was that a shameless plug? Yes, it was. But I wouldn't tell ya nothing wrong! At least not knowingly! Check out the website for yourself.

The fun part of the festival was seeing all the vendors. I love collecting cultural artifacts, t-shirts, and eclectic jewelry. Here's a little bit of what vendors had to offer. The rapping art and t-shirt vendor at the end is cute. Can't knock a brother's hustle!

And after seeing other great performers like Les Nubians, Lupe Fiasco, and reggae artist, Triniti, the best part of it all for me. JILL SCOTT. I absolutely adore this woman's mind and music. Here's a golden moment:

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