Thursday, July 12, 2007

Comedy Is Serious Business

Making People Laugh Is Serious Business

Some years ago after telling a funny story to an associate about working in Hollywood, he said that I should be on stage. My response, "The last time a man told me I should be on stage a pole was involved". I was only kidding somewhat. I may occasionally use quick wit to make a joke, but ain't nothing funny about doing comedy for real. It's serious business to those who aspire to become successful at it.

While attending the Hollywood premiere of Russ Parr's new film, The Last Stand, I talked with comedians and actors about just how hard it is to make it in the entertainment industry. I also chatted with them about the theme of Parr's new film and how they measured success. Comedian, Rodney Perry, Animal Planet host, Rachel Reenstra, and actors Gary Sturgis and Clifton Powell all had interesting perspectives.

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