Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Martin Sheen is a Don Cheadle Fan!

When you meet celebrities you sometimes forget that they are people just like you and me. No they don't cash their checks at Larry's Check Cashing down the street, but they do have some of the sames inspirations and desires as we do.

While many people, famous and otherwise, admire Martin Sheen for his work and activism, Sheen himself really respects fellow actor, Don Cheadle for the same. In a recent interview to promote upcoming film, Talk to Me, he explained why:

The film takes place in the 60s, one of the most pivotal times in American history, politics, and culture. To keep the characters and the setting authentic, several days of research had to be conducted by the actors and the producers through interviews, books, and archival footage. Sheen, on the other hand, drew from his own memories and first hand experiences as a civil rights activist to prepare for the film.

"I remembered that time so very well...those were extraordinary times--and painful ones. In five short years, we lost three leaders: John Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, and Bobby Kennedy. Reverend King was the pinnacle, and we're not going to see that again in my lifetime, unfortunately." He added.

He also remarked how Cheadle and the scenes involving the station's response to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination influenced him to play the role of WOL-AM station owner, E.G. Sonderling:

And on a personal note, he revealed how he, born Ramon Estevez, acquired the name Martin Sheen.

Talk to Me hits theaters July 13th. Visit Focus Feature's website to get more information.

Additional Picture Source: IMDB.com

Throughout the interview, Sheen glanced at me often as if he had a question or saw something unusual. A subtle check verified there was nothing waving "hello" from my nose or any evidence of the mini-burger I had for lunch. So why was the award winning actor and civil rights activist looking at me funny? Was my imagination or ego at play?

After the interview ended, I got my answer. Martin Sheen flipped the script and surprisingly asked me the question he had been wanting to ask since he arrived:

Note: Only Sound

Honestly, being told I look 12--even with make-up--is a blessing. Trust, I've been that age a couple of times in life by now. LOL. But when you're asked your age by a major celebrity in a room full of strangers, reporters no less, in a town that worships youth, what was a girl to do? Should I have blurted out that I'm actually______.

Don't you just love a cliffhanger ending?

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