Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who's Your Caddy? Green Carpet Arrivals

Working the Green

Nothing lights up Hollywood like a movie premiere. Bright lights, frenzied camera flashes, and polished celebrity smiles set the scene for a night filled with anticipation and excitement. Expect the unexpected, as the industry's big names and lesser knowns provide the following morning's Hollywood scoop and water cooler gossip. For those of us working diligently to bring you the interviews, photos, and recaps of the event it can be alot of fun, but also alot of work.

Truly, I didn't expect to cover the Who's Your Caddy red carpet arrivals--in this case green. But there I was armed with my little digital camera assisting a newbie online entertainment reporter from Detroit. All the internet and radio outlets were positioned near me at the end of the carpet, including BET's Black Carpet. E!, Access Hollywood, Wire Image, and the like always get the best spots assigned to them. That's just the way it is, so you do what you can to get the best shots from your position. But every now and then you'll find yourself working your way closer to them to get the shots you want. That's when being petite is an advantage. I fit often into the smallest spaces amongst the big boys and their big cameras. The disadvantage is possibly catching an elbow or getting stepped on every now and then. Sometimes it's worth the risk, but honestly not often. Some members of the press can get real unfriendly when they feel you're moving in on their territory.

Thanks to the other outlets around me, I captured interviews and general shots of the arrivals. I couldn't or actually wouldn't conduct interviews of my own with my little digital camera. It's not necessarily deemed professional. But for now, it's what I'm working with until sponsors and advertising dollars start rolling in.

So here's what me and a digital camera can do when prepared to expect the unexpected.

When away from television and film sets, Tamala is sharpening her comedic skills in comedy clubs in the area.

And what do the founders of Our Stories Films have to say?

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