Monday, July 16, 2007

Who's Your Caddy?: The Street Meets the Elite in Big Boi's New Film

Whether together or apart, the leading men of ingenious Hip Hop group, Outkast, are powerful, says Antwan Andre "Big Boi" Patton, one half of the dynamic duo. And after appearing with best friend and creative partner, Andre 3000, in last year's Idlewild, Big Boi is back on the big screen in a new comedy called, Who's Your Caddy?.

Replace Idlewild's anti-prohibitionist speakeasies of the South with modern elitist country clubs and you have the backdrop of Big Boi's new fish-out-of-water film. Shot on perfectly mowed golf courses in the Carolinas, this new comedy brings the 'hood to the 17th hole, not to shoot a birdie but to shoot a Hip Hop music video, complete with pimped out golf carts, thug love rappers, and bootilicious vixens. It's Tiger Woods worst nightmare sans the collard greens and chitterlings. However, the story is not just about bringing the "street to the elite". Hip Hop mogul, C-Note (Big Boi), wants membership in the all white country club to shake up segregationist thinking and to uphold his family's golfing honor.

Along for the ride are his crew Big Large (Faizon Love), Dread (Finesse Mitchel), and (Lady G) Sherri Shepherd. Actress Tamala Jones portrays Shannon, the attorney hired by the country club president (Jeffrey Jones) to talk C-Note out of joining the all-white establishment.

In an interview about Who's Your Caddy?, Big Boi explains how he learned about the film, what he liked about the character, and his acting aspirations.

Co-Executive Produced by Our Stories Films, Tracey Edmonds and Bob Johnson's production company and the Weinstein brothers', Dimension Films Who's Your Caddy hits theaters July 27th.


Click this link to the Who's Your Caddy website to get cast bios, downloads, and photos from the production.

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