Sunday, August 05, 2007

And Then Came Love for Vanessa L. Williams

And Then Came Love

Multi-talented actress, producer, former Miss America, and proud Syracuse University graduate, Vanessa L. Williams, proves once again that she has "The Right Stuff". In new film, And Then Came Love, Williams portrays single mother by choice, Julie Davidson. A successful columnist and author, Davidson juggles motherhood and career with the help of her worrisome yet loving mother (Eartha Kitt). But when her usually well behaved son is said to have attention deficit disorder, Davidson starts to wonder if her perfect Ivy League sperm sample was a little tainted. So, to find out she goes right to the source--not the tube, but the donor. And what she discovers is an out of work actor (Kevin Daniels) that manages to complicate her life yet simplifying it at the same time.

At a recent screening of the film in Beverly Hills, Williams and Daniels both explained what attracted them to the project.

And Then Came Love screenwriter and producer Caytha Jentis, had been out of the Hollywood scene for a while when she penned the script. A former literary agent, Jentis said writing the script provided the perfect opportunity to get back into the swing of things. It also gave her a creative way to explore how today's women balance family and work.

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Though the cast is predominantly African-American, Warner Brother's Manager of Multicultural Marketing, Felicia Bell, says the story is universal to all women and that expectations are high for the upcoming DVD release, August 14th. Pre-order the DVD by clicking the And Then Came Love link to the right, under the Featured On This Site section.

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Pictures from the screening:

Vanessa L. Williams

Vanessa L. Williams & Kevin Daniels

And Then Came Love Cast and Screenwriter/Producer, Caytha Jentis

Elimu Nelson

Jon Cryer

Vanessa, Caytha, and Warner Bros. Executive, Felicia Bell

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Anonymous said...

Vanessa Williams hosted a screening of this fabulous film in New York which I attended in June. It was Vanessa's best work to date-the most natural I've ever seen her on screen. It was unfortunate that it didn't receive a wider release, but the editing and filming was a bit choppy and better suited for small release. Eartha Kitt was outstanding and the highlight of this project. She didn't have much screen time, but she capitalized on every moment. Overall, due to the caliber of the cast, it was an enjoyable evening and Vanessa's role as a single mother was revelatory.