Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting to Know Master Story Teller, Eric Jerome Dickey

I am certain that I am not the only one guilty of reading a novel that you just can't put down on company time or letting friends' calls roll to voice mail because you know whatever drama they've got going it ain't hardly going to be as interesting as the one you're about to experience between the pages of the next chapter. So who could write a story so good it is worth sacrificing the boss's time, gossip calls from friends, and much needed beauty sleep? Eric Jerome Dickey, that's who.

I was granted a phone interview with the prolific award winning author to talk about his intriguiging new book, Sleeping With Strangers and it 's sizzling follow up, Waking with Enemies. As an avid reader of his novels, admittedly I was a little nervous. But after the initial introductions, conversation flowed like a gifted lecturer speaking to a student who was eager to learn, and I was.

Originally from Tennessee, Dickey relocated to Los Angeles in the early 90's to pursue a career in the aerospace industry as a software developer. So why did this "techie" also seek work as an actor and stand up comedian? And how did those jobs lead him to author ten New York Times best-selling titles?

Even as a kid, Eric Jerome Dickey loved comic books. When Marvel Comics approached him to write a mini-series for X-men character, Storm, he knew he could bring something unique to the character.

Our conversation lasted much longer than it probably should have, about an hour and a half to be a exact. Dickey loved talking about his craft and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him. It's obvious he's passionate about writing and creating stories that "stay with you a long time." If you've never read any of his books, I dare say you've missed out on some of the best story telling in the adult fiction genre. My favorites to date are Milk in My Coffee, Between Lovers, The Other Woman, Genevieve, and Chasing Destiny. To learn more about these books and his current novel, Waking With Enemies, just click the book titles to the left or do a search through Amazon on this site.

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