Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's a Glamorous Life or Is it? Sam Jackson & Josh Hartnett Explain

Lindsey, Brittany, Nicole, and Paris. If you didn't know any better you might possibly think these names belonged to members of a hot new girl group preparing to take the world by storm. But you do know better because these "girls behaving badly" have been paparazzi favorites for several months and have plagued media broadcasts and gossip blogs for the past year if not longer. Then Monday, their names were surprisingly replaced in entertainment headlines by a reported suicide attempt by actor Owen Wilson. With the shocking news came a new paparazzi frenzy in town.

As I watched on television the aggravating cameramen approach Samuel L. Jackson during a visit to Wilson in the hospital, it reminded me of some relevant comments he made last week while promoting Resurrecting the Champ.

Cast member, Josh Hartnett agrees. But now that he's portrayed a journalist in Resurrection he's gained some insight into how sometimes relevant details and facts fall through the cracks.

Hollywood: As I Live & Work is NOT a gossip blog for the very reasons Sam and Josh expressed. Celebrity gossip has its place and purpose, but I agree that the public's nosiness over the years has really gotten out of hand. As Wilson recovers, I truly hope his request to heal in private will be honored. But let's be realistic, as I type this post some member of the paparazzi is probably climbing the tree outside Wilson's hospital room trying to get a shot of him as as he sleeps, if such a tree exists. And if it doesn't, let us hope some overworked and underpaid hospital employee won't be bribed into doing the paparazzi's dirty work for them.

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