Friday, August 10, 2007

You're Invited

Indeed, you are officially invited to share your comments on this blog. It's only fair. If you're willing to read my opinions and experiences then I'm willing to do the same. Not to mention, lots of comments make me look good in front of company. And in Hollywood, appearance and presentation go a long way. Although, I must admit, every now and again this blog gets caught out there with its slip showing. But several kind people have politely let me know and I've made the necessary adjustments as quickly as possible. Big Mama would be proud 'cause personally I haven't worn a slip since Easter Sunday 1970 something. Still, I do my best to make sure Hollywood: As I Live and Work always has matching purse and shoes.

Truly, it's hard out here for a blogger. Your comments will let me know what topics to cover, what you're interests are, basically get to know you a little better. So, come on in! Wipe your feet on the rug and stay awhile. Do some reading, commenting, and some shopping. And I'll do my part to give you something to talk about.

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