Monday, October 08, 2007

Angels Watching Over Me

This entry is personal. Though still in the vein of promoting Why Did I Get Married?, it features no glitzy Hollywood event nor celebrity interview. It's about how God works in mysterious ways. Which I believe is an appropriate topic for a blog titled As I Live and Work because without God I could do neither. Here goes:

Last weekend I go to an event downtown to conduct an interview about the film. While lost in the labyrinth hotel, I am led to gospel singer, Byron Cage. He directs me where to go. Several moments later he performs on stage his hit song, "The Presence of the Lord" and everybody joyously sings the chorus: "I can feel the presence of the Lord and I'm gonna get my blessing right now!"

Add to that occurrence signs everywhere advertising The Color Purple on Broadway. While reading an ad, the most popular song from the original film comes to mind. Lyrically it asks God to speak to someone in a special way and then reminds them that God maybe trying to tell them something right now.

Later the interview I was there to conduct goes so well I consider it a blessing. But then trouble finds me when at the parking garage exit a $10 balance is due. I look in my purse and realize my driver's license, atm card, credit cards are all at home in the gym bag I had used that morning. So I am stuck in the parking deck with no form of ID nor any money! Worriedly, I call security on the nearby intercom and explain my predicament. I'm calmly told to go the 7th floor to the office to make a payment arrangement.

The kind man working alone in the office listens to my explanation and then without question gives me $10 worth of validations for free. Immediately I thank him for saving the day and ask his name. "Angel," he says quietly. "My name is Angel."

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