Sunday, October 14, 2007

Denise Boutte: Good Girl Gone Bad in WDIGM?

Bad girls stand out says actress Denise Boutte. And in Why Did I Get Married? she definitely draws attention as the back-stabbing Trina. So how did the former Days of Our Lives actress get the role that women love to hate? In our telephone interview we talk about that, how she first met cast mate, Tasha Smith, marriage, spirituality, and a whole lot more.

Part 1.: Auditioning and portraying Trina


Before acquiring the role of Trina, Denise actually auditioned for Tyler Perry's upcoming comedic project, Meet the Browns. Preparing for that role led to her meeting cast mate Tasha Smith.

Part 2: Cast mates and marriage


Part 3: Family background, LA Premiere, and her Hollywood story


Part 4: What's next? and spirituality


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