Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Get Ready...Jill Scott Is Just Getting Started!

I am so fly
I can fly higher than high
I can be many styles at the same time
You’re now rocking with the best
Your Royal Highness and if you want a
test, then test me but...
There’s really no contest
We are sure 'nough God Blessed
and if you think that’s fresh then
wait till you see my show! Oh!

When(when) You(you) Come(come) To(to) Me(me,me me)
Be ready(ready) Be ready(ready)
Be ready(ready) Be ready(ready)

With lyrics like that there's no questioning who Jill Scott is anymore. She is "Phenominal Woman" personified with a new album, a new movie, and a new perspective on life as a single woman again. And now with 5 albums, 1 Grammy, and a two major movies on the way we should "get ready" cause Jill Scott is just getting started.

The new album, Real Thing Vol. 3, dropped Sept.25th and it's everything she promised it would be when I saw her last at the UCLA Jazz & Reggae Fest (See that post here). "Grown folk music" is how she described it. Honest, insightful, poetic, and erotic. I LOVE IT! But to really understand this new Jill Scott album you've got to have experienced a few things: love, lust, sensuality, hurt, and a few "throw that bone in the closet" moments just to name a few. Feel me? Lyrically she describes scenes and emotions so vividly that after grooving to song Crown Royal On Ice you may desire to sample the popular drink just to experience or re-experience a taste of what she did in the song. I did!

In the interview below Jill discusses those lyrics and other Real Thing Vol. 3 inspirations, dealing with haters, her passions, and her creative process.

Part 1

Part 2

And on the heels of her new album release and new single status, ironically is a lead role in Why Did I get Married?, Lions Gate's new film directed and written by Tyler Perry. In it Jill delivers a powerful performance as Sheila, a heavy-set woman (to put it kindly) desperate to save her dead-end marriage and her self respect. The movie hits theaters nationwide Oct 12th and according to Perry is his best film to date. I agree and starting today Hollywood: As I Live and Work will begin a promotional campaign to help make this movie #1 with interviews with members of the cast, video clips, and whatever else I'm blessed to use. So stay tuned there's more to see! And for those of you who can't remember to come back, just subscribe. That way Hollywood: As I Live and Work comes directly to you fresh from my fingertips right into your email inbox.

Click here to visit the Why Did I Get Married? website. See a new dramatic movie trailer and learn more about it's great cast and soundtrack.

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