Friday, October 19, 2007

On Air Apology to Janet & Tyler

Truly, I was going to leave the controversy over CBS affiliate CW-13's interview with Janet and Tyler Perry alone. Mainly, I didn't want people watching it repeatedly and getting angrier with every viewing with no resolve. Not to mention the press, though bad, still gave interviewer Mark S. Allen more publicity than he deserved. I certainly didn't want to play into that. But now thanks to Tyler and Janet fans and thousands of others, Hallelu-er!, I can somewhat balance the negative with the positive because a public apology has been made.

Do I believe Allen's apology is sincere? Yes. I believe he sincerely wants to keep his boss happy and that he sincerely wants the email campaign to end. In the clip below it's mentioned the stations email system literally shut down thanks to the onslaught of emails to him and the station manager. In my opinion, if he was truly sorry for being a "jerk" as he said (substitute "asshole" please!) then the apology would have come a lot sooner and without prompting from viewers, the station manager, and most likely CW-13's publicist. A haircut, blue suit, and loosened collar doesn't make his words sound heartfelt to me, just merely rehearsed. Really, how would have Allen felt if during the interview about Why Did I Get Married his unrelated DUI arrest had been thrown in his face by Tyler? Not too good I'm sure.

So to Allen I say this: Throwing stones won't get you promoted to network, anchorman, but it might get you looking over your shoulder more often. Karma baby! Moreover, no one has ever been hit by a nipple and died. Thank God, you were pulled by police before you could accidently hurt anyone. And to Tyler and Janet I say two words: "Strong Enough" or better yet "No Weapon" since today I'm watering my spiritual garden.

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