Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oprah talks "Why Did I Get Married?"

Janet gets personal about marriage and a broken friendship. Jill Scott talks divorce and channeling the pain, and Tyler Perry proposes. If you missed cast members of Why Did I Get Married on yesterday's Oprah, don't fret. Highlights can be seen below thanks to Janetmedia.

Why did you get married? Janet, Jill? And Tyler, please don't rush to do so. But if Oprah ever says, yes, I wouldn't be mad at all.

Go 'head Miss Janet. Love the hair! The shoes..banging! If anybody is bringing sexy back it's Damita Jo!

The ENTIRE cast is marvelous! Expect great performances from everybody. And although Madea was absent in the flesh, Tasha Smith hilariously channeled her spirit.

Jill Scott...I've told you and now Oprah will too...people be ready! Her performance in Why Did I Get Married is so "beautifully human".

Click here to visit to see Tyler's big surprise for Janet.

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