Friday, October 12, 2007

The People Have Spoken...WDIGM? Is A Hit!

The verdict is in! A jury of nearly 300 of Tyler Perry's peers have spoken: Why Did I Get Married? is a hit! Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere! And if you can't make it to the mountain, just send a text!

On the eve of the movie's opening day, young and old eagerly poured into Culver City's The Bridge: Cinema De Lux theater for one last pre-screening of the film, co-hosted by BlackNLA, an online resource for what's happening in around the L.A. Metropolitan area.

The most eager movie goers seemed to have had the right idea--arrive early and get in the front of the line. But evidently lots of people had the same thought. An hour before the 7 pm screening more than 200 Tyler Perry fans were lined up around the building like a loose curl, all anxiously waiting to get in the theater. Those with printed BlackNLA movie passes, were rewarded with either film posters or a Why Did I Get Married? church fan. Here's just a few BlackNLA subscribers posing for my camera:

Unfortunately not all that came made it in to see the film, but for those that did it was well worth the wait. The audience LOVED it! And most will have to see it twice 'cause sisters, especially, talked back to the screen like the characters could here them. The crowd cheered, jeered, and even applauded emotional scenes with Sheila (Jill), Patricia (Janet), and Terry (Tyler). Of course, from the moment Angela (Tasha) delivered her first words, the already animated movie goers began squirming in their seats with laughter. As for Mike (Richard T.), Minister Jones please forgive them for they know what what they do in plotting your demise. After your first scene there were boiling pots of grits cooking just for you on the back burners of many women's minds.

Now, today is the day! If nothing else I've written or posted convinces you to run, not walk, to see Why Did I Get Married? hopefully the feedback from those that attended the screening will.

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