Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hennessy: Flaunt Your Taste!

Picture it! A huge, modern two story mansion tucked away in Beverly Hills stretched along L.A.'s famed Mulholland Drive. Pristine red carpeting lined with velvet ropes pave the way to large glass doors. Above the entrance, a drive-in movie affect displays images of well dressed men and women enjoying a fine time with a fine wine to the the street. And as the elite of Black Hollywood and invited guests step out of shiny European luxury cars and into the Hennessy: Flaunt Your Taste experience for the night, art begins to imitate life.

Once inside press and paparazzi immediately capture celebrity arrivals. And while the celebs handle this business-as-usual element, the party is in full swing just a few feet away: Sexy ladies and gents flirt, mingle and network; Dj Rashida wets musical appetites with a great blend of Hip Hop, R&B, and a little Latin flavor; and the pretty brown Hennessy flows smoothly from bar-side to fireside to poolside and back again without interruption.

Around midnight, former B.D.P. DJ (that's Boogie Down Productions for you Hip Hop challenged) D-Nice turns up the heat on the turn tables and motivates the laid-back Cally crowd to get cracking on the dance floor. Song after song he drops musical bombs like his name is Saddam and appreciative dancers literally scream in delight with every new attack. Myself included! What began as an exclusive mansion party in Beverly Hills now looks and feels like an old school rent party on the dance floor. Fellas are unbuttoning tailored shirts and ladies discard expensive shoes. It's officially a party, y'all! THANK YOU D-NICE!

By 2 a.m breakfast is surprisingly served. Mouth-watering sausage, grits, and biscuits satisfy a hungry crowd before the party comes to a close. An hour later I'm heading for valet thinking this Hennessy: Flaunt Your Taste event was a hit! Great atmosphere, good food and drink, great music, and just enough celebrity presence to make it interesting but not overly "industry". KUDOS! to those handling the event.

Visit Hennessy's website to learn more about upcoming events, cocktails, and the Flaunt Your Taste campaign by clicking HERE:

My celebrity arrivals pics:

Melinda Williams

David Banner

Keith Richardson

B2K and Hennessy representative


Sticky Fingaz


Gina said...

Looks like u had a great time. Hennessy sure know how to throw a party!!

Anonymous said...

Old skoo1 hip hop representing! Damn, Spin gained some weight. She still look good though. Where in Bev Hills was this party? And pass me the Henny!