Monday, November 12, 2007

Remember the time when Michael Jackson Did...?

In its last issue of 2007, Ebony pays tribute to the only man on earth who could make black high-water pants, thick white socks, and penny loafers a universal fashion statement. Add a signature blinged out glove and one loose curl that hangs perfectly against the forehead and you've got the image of my first dream "baby daddy". Lawd! I was so in love with Michael.

At a gathering of some friends a few weeks ago, I was hilariously reminded of just how much I missed him. Simply said, from childhood to adulthood MJ was musical truth personified: amazing performances, iconic hits, and spectacular videos that moved the whole visual genre forward. No one could touch him! But there are those, like my friend Jimmy that do a pretty good job impersonating him. Check this video! It's me screaming like a 10 year old in the clip.

But Ain't nothing like the real thang! Let's take a trip down memory lane!

Motown 25! A defining moment in MJ history!

Several pairs of sweat socks and linoleum floors later and I too moonwalked with the best of them.

Remember the time when director John Singleton's re-created Ancient Egypt complete with an all star cast! Shame it doesn't get this good anymore.

Do the "Fatima dance"! Right! Left! Right, Left, Right! Now do it with attitude! Awww Yeah! I swear this move never gets old!

Smooth Criminal
live. The lean is absolutely sick!

The man is Bad! The man is Dangerous!

I'm smiling as I watch this! Go 'head, Michael! You da truth! I just fell in love with you all over again!

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Anonymous said...

I've been a Michael fan for years. Nobody does it better! This brought back so many memories. Looking forward to the next album.