Monday, November 05, 2007

They Done Flipped The Script, Literally!



Desperate to write something witty, smart...anything to finish the script of the next episode of "Residuals," executive producer and showrunner, B. N. Trouble, stares worriedly at his computer for a long moment. Then suddenly he grabs the phone nearby and presses the intercom button.


All available P.A.'s please report to the writers room and bring lots of coffee! Nope, there's no time to run to Starbucks. We'll send out an executive assistant to do that.


The hell you will!


If you haven't heard the writers are on strike, dammit, so somebody's gotta write the cliffhanger to the season finale! And if you've still got a copy of your spec script we used as a door stop last season, bring it. We'll be needing that for November sweeps!


Just as several major fires surrounding Los Angeles have finally been extinguished, a new fire in Hollywood has been stoked that may cost studios several hundreds of millions of dollars over the next few weeks. Writers are hot about not getting their fare share of residuals from DVD and the Internet sales, including downloads and streaming. So members of the Writer's Guild of America put Usher's Let it Burn on repeat and officially went on strike this morning.

The studios saw it coming so many have stockpiled episodes like squirrels storing nuts for winter. But if changes need to be made there will be no one around to respond to the call. In fact, several shows have stopped production entirely because there are no writers on set to make needed last minute changes.

So the best way to see writers at work now is on the news. According to Reuters, "picket lines will be going up at 14 major film and television studios." And since no more talks have been scheduled, it appears these writing strikers will be "at work" a long time. Hope you like summer reruns in the fall and more high-strung reality shows 'cause that's may be all the studios will have to offer if the strikes stretches into the new year.

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