Saturday, November 17, 2007

This Christmas

Santa baby, slip a bottle of oil, a belt, Columbus Short, and an old-school Soul Train line under the tree, for me! Been a really good girl, Santa baby. May sound crazy, but hurry down the chimney tonight!

Produced by Rainforest Films, the Georgia film company that brought us Stomp The Yard, This Christmas has everything you'd ever want in a holiday movie--drama, humor, great cast, memorable moments, enjoyable music, and plenty of Christmas spirit--all wrapped up in one pretty film with a bow on top. The story centers around the close-knit Whitfield family. And for the first time in several years all the chillun' are home for Christmas, but guess who's coming for dinner?

Obviously, the Whitfield children aren't kids anymore, even the one affectionately called, "Baby" (Chris Brown). As adults they've put away childish things but have picked up some mature issues along the way, some of which have followed them home for Christmas. For Quinton (Idris Elba), the oldest sibling, this is especially true. But he's not alone, sister Lisa (Regina King) is married to her issues and must face a hard reality about herself, her marriage, and her relationship with younger sister, Kelli (Sharon Leal) as the family prepares for the holiday.

Ma Dear Whitfield (Loretta Devine), the family matriarch, loves having all her brood home for Christmas especially prodigal son Quinton, who hasn't been home in 4 years. But his presence also means keeping her relationship with family friend, Joe (Co-Executive Producer Delroy Lindo), a secret. Despite the fact that Father Whitfield left them as children to pursue a music career, Quinton holds strong to his memory and follows in daddy's footsteps. When it appears Baby could potentially do the same, Ma Dear must again face her fears of loosing a son to the uncertainties of fame.

Rounding out the cast is Lauren London, Columbus Short, Keith Robinson, and Laz Alonzo. London is Melanie, the youngest sister and "professional" college student. She brings home for the holiday, new boyfriend Devean (Keith Robinson). Short portrays middle brother and marine, Claude. What he brings home for Christmas is definitely a shock to the family. Pretty boy, Malcolme (Laz Alonzo) is Lisa's husband. He's the perfect example of "what looks good to you, isn't necessarily good for you". This particular Christmas is one he'll remember for the rest of his days.

Notably, co-starring in the film is another Executive Producer, Mekhi Phifer. As a part-time Santa, he keeps an eye and probably both hands on whether Kelli is naughty or nice. But the ebony St. Nick isn't the only one making home visits, Mo, portrayed by rapper turned actor, David Banner, arrives at the Whitfields' to spread a little holiday fear in Quinton. And with the help of his partner, he demonstrates to Quinton why it is better to give than receive.

In the tradition of Soul Food and Madea's Family Reunion, This Christmas will be a classic you're going to want to watch over and over again. Hitting theaters nationwide November 21st, it's a great way to get into the holiday spirit. And right after a good Thanksgiving meal, it's a perfect visual dessert to share with friends and family. So let's do our best to serve it well at the box office and make it #1 this holiday weekend!

Now to get a taste of what young and old are saying about This Christmas hit play below.

To learn more about the movie and how to get advance tickets click HERE. While there be sure to check out the podcast with interviews with the cast and downloadable screensavers for you computers by clicking on the yellow sticky.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments. This movie was really good! Good family drama. Don't know if watching a grown woman beat a defenseless man with a belt is good for everybody to see, but overall great holiday movie. All I want for Christmas is Chris Brown.