Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Barack "Gets Fired Up & Ready to Go" in LA

Forget Santa! Barak Obama came to town last night bearing gifts of hope and bundles of joy for a new day in politics. And with the help of his "elves", celebrity friends, and supporters he brought a welcoming, diverse crowd of nearly 6,000 to it's feet with a message of "change we can believe in."

Held at Universal's Gibson Amphitheater, a location known for concerts not political speeches, Barack's "opening acts" included performances by R&B sensation, Ne-Yo, and Grammy winning rock band, the Goo Goo Dolls. After their performances, MTV's Wild N' Out host, Nick Cannon took the stage to talk seriously about why Obama was getting his vote for President in the upcoming election. Following him were heartfelt speeches by tv journalist Giselle Fernandez, 86-year-old veteran actor John Whitmore, and campaign volunteer and White Castle actor, Kal Penn. Obviously, event producers knew the importance of having supporters speak that represented a spectrum of the American population.

Then at long last the man of the hour took the stage appearing very relaxed and eager to talk to the thousands that paid up to $250 to attend the fundraising event. He spoke enthusiastically of uniting America, breaking down racial, religious, political party, and sexual preference barriers to bring about a real change in how the government serves its people domestically and its dealings abroad.

"We have to offer a difference in leadership...to pull it together...We are going to return to the politics of hope, " said Obama. "We're going to join together and getting something done."

Further in his speech, he stated that he is not afraid to ask the hard questions and stand alone on his convictions. The crowd applauded thunderously as he affirmed his stance on the Iraq war and reminded us that he alone opposed it even when the rest of the Democratic party did not. And as President, he said he plans to bring soldiers home in 16 months.

In a speech filled with idealism he also talked of universal health care, generating more funding for schools and teachers, ending the country's "addiction to fossil fuels" by finding alternative sources for fuel, and being a leader that not only talked with America's allies but it's enemies as well to help change the world view of our arrogance and hypocrisy.

Dismissing the notion that he is too young, too inexperienced and should wait "his turn", Obama assured the crowd that the "time is now" to bring about the needed change in American politics. So the question of if he would become President was less important than why he should become the next Commander and Chief of the United States.

And for those of you that would gladly write Oprah in as President or possibly even Vice Prez. here is part of her speech made recently in South Carolina as to why she supports Obama.

So to the intelligent individual reading this post, I say first please register to vote. After that take some time to get to educated on the issues affecting your life and the candidates addressing them. Then when it's time to do so, get to the polls by any means necessary and VOTE!

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