Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Designer Angela Dean Brings Fashion Flair to Paris Hilton Fragrance Ad

Ever flipped through a fashion magazine while sitting under a dryer or watched celebrity arrivals to the Oscars dressed in your tattered sweats and saw a gown so fabulous it literally appeared to have a life of its own? So perfect the color, the design, the fabric, its movement that for a moment you were transported mentally to a new place. You imagined yourself in that masterpiece, floating proudly, boldly down the red carpet of some glamorous event. Then made your presence known by merely stepping into the room; the men all paused and the women choked on hateration. Ever had the moment?

This past weekend I met a remarkable woman that has been designing dresses like that for more than 2 decades. And most of the biggest names in entertainment have worn her timeless designs. Her name is Angela Dean and right now Paris Hilton is donning one of her gorgeous couture creations in an ad campaign for her new fragrance, Can Can. But Hilton is not Dean's only celebrity client, she's dressed stars from Madonna to Natalie Cole. In fact, with an expertise in bras and lingerie she designed the bullet bra the "material girl" made famous during her Blonde Ambition tour in 1990.

A native of Long Beach, California, and founder of DeanZign Designer Collections, Dean exhibited some of her Spring Red Carpet Couture Collection recently at the Opus in Los Angeles. It was there that I had a chance to talk to her briefly about the special evening, her distinctive style, and how up and coming designers can stand out amongst the crowd.

Click HERE to visit her DeanZign website and view a fabulous fashion collection

Below are some pics from the Opus event:

Angela Dean

Angela Dean and Paris Hilton look-a-like in the Hilton Can Can dress

Jazmin Whitley


Lorielle New

Freda Payne

Desiree Coleman-Jackson

Slideshow of the Spring Red Carpet Couture Collection Exhibit

Should you desire to have Angela create a gorgeous gown for you--award show season is right around the corner--contact her through Infinite Scope & WRB Public Relations at 323-937-2400.

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