Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Janet Jackson's New Song Hits The Internet

Just when I thought she was thinking, "Let's Wait Awhile" as far as releasing a new single from her upcoming album, Ms. Janet has the internet abuzz with her new song interestingly called, Feedback. Is that a request or a demand? Either way, me likey! Me likey alot! Gonna roll Corolla's windows down, then play it real loud until I feel that base line thumping in my chest. When I get to the first stop light, I'm gonna groove to it like I'm in the club. Errnow and again I do like to cut loose! Wanna hear it for yourself? For you Ipod-challenged,just press the small circle below MENU.

music player

Update: Album title is Discipline and will be released February 26, 2008. This first single was produced by Darkchild. Click on Myspace or her new website for more updates.

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