Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 A Blogger Was Born

So long 2007! Most things considered, you were a pretty good year. A lot of great new people came into my life and Hollywood: As I Live & Work was born. Here are some other highlights:

Attending my first NBA All Star Weekend. Vegas was the place to be. Though I was a newbie at the event, I was no novice at partying. Lawd! I hadn't seen that many young black folk descend on a city since ATL's Freaknik '94. Search the February 2007 archives for the details. The most fun was had just hanging out with LaQuita (her name has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. LOL). Watch the clip of us cruising through downtown Vegas and commenting on the "goings-on" outside a party.

We are SO country! LOL!

Witnessing the documentary, My Nappy ROOTs, that I associate produced earn the Festival Choice Best Documentary Award at the Pan African Film Festival. Click the title above or go to www.myspace.com/mynappyroots

Getting to know actress, stand up comedienne, author, just all around amazing woman by the name of Suzanne Whang thanks to associate producing, HGTV's House Hunters. Here's some Hollywood insider news! Lean closer to the monitor. It was Suzanne that introduced The Secret to Oprah Winfrey then later to me. THANK YOU Suzanne! I'll have her tell that story in an interview hopefully early 2008. In the meantime, visit her myspace by clicking HERE.

Taking writing and blogging seriously after my stint at House Hunters ended. But the underlying reason for starting this blog around February/March was truly in response to all the human and computer rejected resumes sent to E!, entertainment job boards, and other employment resources for lack of "key words" or experience. Ironically, the jobs I applied for all required the same skills needed to create this blog. And based on the feeback I'm getting, I'm doing it, and doing it, and doing it well, and getting better all the time. Hmmm, maybe I'm meant use my talents for my own media outlet. Lawd, what a revelation!

And while I'm thinking about covering events and film, I want to say a special thanks to Wendy, Roz, Joseph, and Wyllisa for inviting me, an unknown face and name, "in" to their worlds and providing me great people, films, and events to blog about. Y'all know how hard it is to break in here, especially when you're a newcomer to a certain field. They were the first to invite Hollywood: As I Live & Work to anything and for that I'm truly grateful.

Working the press junket for Talk to Me. When highly respected veteran actor, Martin Sheen, kept giving me "a look" during the interview, I was certainly surprised. Read the post in the July archives to see why I thought this married Hollywood actor was flirting with me. It's kind of funny.

Interviewing one of my favorite authors, Eric Jerome Dickey, was definitely a highlight. Check the August archives for that one.

Of all the movies I've written about in 2007, Why Did I Get Married? was undoubtedly my favorite. I was so excited about this film; there was a little bit of me in every female character. And after seeing the screening, I was inspired to dedicate the blog to help promote it to #1 opening weekend. Truly, I was on a mission and not 'cause Tyler or the studio asked, but because I was moved to do so. I interviewed as much of the cast I could and posted interviews from other sites with permission. That October was definitely busy. Look to your right to see just how busy that month was for me.

October also provided the great opportunity of working on the sponsorship team of the American Black Film Festival. I've worked plenty of festivals, but this one....wow! I was so busy I barely had time to blog, but I managed a couple of entries about the experience. See the archives for interviews with Lamman Rucker of Why Did I Get Married? and familiar commercial actor, Shawn Carter Peterson. I swear Shawn is in heavy rotation between network television shows. Just click Lamman's and Shawn's names to visit their websites.

Interviewing Wyclef Jean after his performance at AOL was such a special privilege. I so love how he uses his music to give back not just to his fans but to people around the world. And no, I didn't ask about Lauryn. Why? Because I knew he was probably tired of the question. So the interview was about him and him alone. Hear it in the November posts.

And last but not least my first, Norwood Young celebrity house party. Norwood is famous for his parties as most knew already. I had an absolutely great time and Norwood was truly a pleasure to meet. See the pics and hear the interviews in the December archives.

That's it! I never would have thought blogging/writing would open doors of opportunity for me like it has. Over a hundred posts and I'm feeling no ways tired. Now on to a new year, new posts, and a new outlook.

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