Friday, January 11, 2008

Common Raps Spiritual in 2008

I just had to post this!

Obviously, some folk prefer to start the new year on a more spiritual note, including myself. I came across the video on Kanye West's blog and couldn't resist posting it here. I LOVE it! Goes to prove---and I know I'm gonna raise some eyebrows with this---a person can be sexy as well as spiritual. To me, Common is both based on what little I know about him and the 30 or so minutes we spent together backstage at the 2006 Grammy Awards.

That year, he received four Grammy nomination for his album, Be, produced by Kanye. Trying to keep it professional, all I could do was stare longingly in secret and do the job I was assigned to do--get him credentialed then down the red carpet (actually green that year) and into his seat before the show started. He was handsomely dressed in a white suit for the show that was almost ruined by a casual embrace with a woman that left makeup on the collar of his suit. Luckily, his stylist somehow magically removed the smudge before it stained and messed up his red carpet pictures

This year he's nominated for 3 awards from his album, Finding Forever.. And in case you didn't know, he has his own line of hats called Sojihats. Check them out HERE. I like this one!

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