Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year Brings New Outlook

This one's personal.

2008 is in full swing! Whoopee! And if you're reading this post it means we both made it into a new year. THANK GOD! If you're not into giving God the credit, then do you boo! But as for me and my blog, we shall praise da Lord! Hallelu-er!

Now with a new year comes a new outlook. My mantra for 2008 is this:
My desire to succeed will be greater than the fear of failure.

I recently read that in a spiritual self-help book and it stuck with me. As I reflected over the past five years or so, I realized that I had done just the opposite. And I'm not alone. The paralyzing fear of ridicule, not measuring up, or not meeting someone else's standard of success has kept many of us from pursuing our dreams. As a result, we've watched somebody else dance in the sunshine with our blessing while we sat in the shade choking on haterade. Sorry for the unintentional weak rhyme, but you get my point.

People, in '08 don't waste any time hatin' on folk doing what you were scared to do! If you missed your blessing in 2007 that's YOUR fault not theirs. Let it go, move on and will yourself to do better next time; turn hateration into motivation. Dang it! I did that rhyme thing again.

Looking back, the best lesson I learned last year was to think and speak more positively about situations, i.e. see the cup as half full as opposed to half empty. It took some training but I've gotten better thanks to this book called The Laws of Thinking by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan.

I literally stumbled upon this book trying to find Jermaine Dupri's Young, Rich, & Dangerous at a bookstore at the mall. Ever felt like someone was talking about you but wouldn't say your name? That's exactly how I felt after a few pages. But I put it back because I was there for something else. Eso-Won Books was my next stop. Dupri's book wasn't there yet, but The Laws of Thinking was staring right at me from the counter. I swear it called me, but again I tried to ignore it by browsing the store's shelves. Long story short, I finally purchased it and what a literal blessing it has been. If you're determined to do things differently in '08 then I suggest reading it.

So now with a new mindset I'm going into this new year stronger, wiser, better, and without fear of failure. I suggest you do the same. I'm gone do the dang thang without putting hurdles in my own path; there are enough forces doing that already that don't need my help. It's new day, a new beginning! I think therefore I am! Thus, I think I'm the Heavy Weight Blogger Of The World! In my mind I'm the Laila Ali of blogsphere with the title belt securely around my waist. The only one left to fight is my negative self. And it WILL NOT win!

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