Friday, January 18, 2008

Steve Harvery: He's Fly And He Knows it!

I think Teena Marie said it best...."Ooooh Weee!". There's just something about a bald headed brotha, dressed well in a tailored suit who smells as good as he looks, with a southern charm, a sexy smile, and a walk that says, "I'm royalty" that's gets my attention errtime. Hip Hop calls it "swagger"; I call it, "Hey, Big Daddy!"

Steve Harvey is one of those men that commands attention when he enters the room without saying one funny word. The suits, matching shoes, belts, hats, and bags...He and his entourage put the "C" in coordinated (Remember that hilarious scene from Boomerang?). But now gone is the perfectly trimmed "stay soft fro" we had grown accustomed to seeing. In 2008, Steve has let his hair down literally by cutting it all off.

Check the upcoming issue of Jet magazine for the insightful interview with the King of Comedy and top rated morning radio show host about the new look, recently turning 51, and his new outlook for staying healthy and fly.

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