Monday, January 21, 2008

Susan L. Taylor: It's All About Love

"The ritual of journaling is liberating and healing. It grounds us in our own wisdom and clarity that emerge when we open our hearts and put pen to paper. "

Those are the written words of Susan L. Taylor, the phenomenal woman that for nearly 40 years has personified the soul of Essence magazine. And through the long-time successful African-American publication, she shared her wisdom and opened heart with millions of readers in her popular inspirational monthly column, In the Spirit. She also authored three books similarly themed.

In her newest work she has collected and reworked some of her and Essence's readers' favorite In the Spirit articles into one book titled All About Love. Here's another excerpt:

"When your on a mission of value, God gives you a special blessing. You are divinely guided. You're surrounded at the highest spiritual level with an aura of protection that disarms any enemy and attracts all you need to succeed."

Possibly with that passage in mind, Taylor announced late last year she was stepping down as Essence's publication director to pursue a different mission close to her heart, her non-profit organization called the National Cares Mentoring Movement. Its mission: "to recruit more than one million mentors for our vulnerable youth." In a brief interview she shares with me more about it's purpose and her thoughts on Essence's longevity.

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Click HERE to get more information about how to get involved.

Last Saturday I attended Taylor's All About Love book signing at Esowon Books in Los Angeles. Standing before a growing, eager crowd with her signature cornrows flowing back from her prominent forehead and behind ears adorned with what appeared to be Oprah's Legend Ball Luncheon earrings, Taylor addressed the adoring crowd of men and women like a concerned African queen with an important message for her people. Watch the video and listen carefully!

All About Love
will be available in stores January 29th. Pre-order your copy at a 5% discount by clicking HERE

Pictures from the event:

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