Sunday, February 03, 2008

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

Combine 2 cups Martin Lawrence, 1 cup Cedric the Entertainer, 3 "healthy" ounces of Mo'Nique, and several teaspoons of Mike Epps for extra flavor and you've got a recipe for a hilarious comedy movie that serves a party of millions February 8th in theaters across the nation.

Written and Directed by Malcolm Lee (The Best Man, Roll Bounce), Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins is a heart warming story for anyone that has tried to distance themselves from embarrassing family memories only to be snatched back to their less-than-perfect beginnings by certain circumstances, or in this case a concerned call from dear old Mom.

Rounding out the cast are Joy Bryant (Get Rich or Die Trying), Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile), and Nicole Ari Parker (television's Soul Food). Portraying heads of the Jenkins family are acting legends, James Earl Jones (Field of Dreams) and Margaret Avery (The Color Purple).

The story centers around RJ Stevens (Lawrence). Once the awkward son of the Jenkins family, RJ is now the hottest talk show host on tv with a new attitude and outlook on life. Add to the picture Jamaal, his cute 10-year-old son, and Bianca (Bryant), a pretty reality show diva as his bride-to-be, and RJ has become the man he's always dreamed of being.

Urged by his parents to attend their 50th wedding anniversary, RJ, Jamaal, and Bianca leave the set of their posh, "Hollywood" lifestyle for the slower, southern backdrop of small town Georgia. Of course, all hilarity breaks loose the moment they get on the plane. And once RJ reunites with the Jenkins clan--his loud, over-sexed sister, Betty (Mo'Nique), intimidating muscle bound brother, Otis (Duncan), and crazy, unemployed cousin, Reggie (Epps)--he is immediately and hilariously reminded of why he hasn't been home in nine years.

But it's the reunion with his childhood nemesis and family favorite, cousin Clyde (Cedric), that makes homecoming most difficult. And seeing his first love, Lucinda (Parker) arrive with him, really challenges RJ to keep his cool and his confidence. Couple that with trying to stick to his "Hollywood" diet and new school ways of thinking and RJ's warm homecoming becomes a "clash of the Jenkins" in this laugh-'til-you-cry comedy.

Listen to these humorous interviews with the cast as they talk about how much fun they had working on this production and what they thought of their individual roles:


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Mo'Nique & Mike Epps

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Cedric The Entertainer & Nicole Ari Parker

Want more info about the film, visit the Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins website by clicking HERE.
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