Sunday, January 13, 2008

Writers "Strike" Again at 2008 Golden Globe Awards

And the award goes to.....(Drum roll, please!)...The Writers Guild of America for best depiction of how an organized strike can impact a local economy. First it was the People's Choice Awards and tonight the traditional glitzy Golden Globe Awards banquet was reduced to a dry-as-toast press conference at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Both The Hollywood Foreign Press and the network contracted to air the show took a financial hit, but so did all the related businesses related to the event--party planners, gift bag creators, dress designers, security companies, and limo companies--just too name a few. Click the following picture to see a report from CNN News on just how the strike affects the entertainment industry economically.

So without a single A-list celebrity in the house, who made the announcements? Hollywood Foreign Press President, Jorge Camara, and local entertainment reporters did to a room full of press and a few other attendees. Obviously, there wasn't much to shoot but a podium and a display screen, easy money for the greenist videographer. Dude, set the camera on a wide shot and lock it down, this is gonna be a cakewalk of a shoot!

Jorge Camara

Lara Spencer, Jorge Camara, Brooke Anderson, Jim Moret, Guiliana Rancic, Dayna Devon, Mary Hart (Where's Shaun Robinson?)

Press Attendees

So what does this mean for 2008's award show season? Well, it's too early to really tell. There's still some small hope The Academy Awards will air as usual with all it's celebrity fan fare, but I'm not betting on it. And if the Academy of Motion Pictures is worried, then you can just image how the producers of the Screen Actors Guild, the Grammy's and the NAACP Image Awards are feeling. Hope they have a plan B script ready for production!

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