Sunday, February 10, 2008

Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party

This is THE industry party. Yes, there's a party going on this weekend in every corner of Hollywood, but Clive's party is an absolute must! Last night's event was attended by some of everybody in the biz. Whitney, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Gladys Knight, Nia Long, Anthony Hamilton, JD....and the list goes on and on and on...

Celebrity carpet arrivals are always a media mad house!

Clive Girls, Alicia and Whitney. Looking good, Whitney! Any possibilities of a duet?

Rihanna the haircut on YOU is fabulous! "Luv" the earrings and the golden sash, J.!

Chris Brown...Lawd, boy you're so cute! I'm not a kid anymore. How old are you again?

Hey ladies! Y'all just might find The Best Man tonight! Any movies in the works for either of you?

NC REPRESENT! Eli (left) I'm still waiting on my Anthony Hamilton t-shirt.

Homegirl, Fantasia! People are still raving about your Color Purple performances.

Don Cornelius, is the Soul Train still running?

3 Producers, 1 album, February 26th. Hey Rodney Jerkins! What's your next single? And Jermaine, you're rocking the Berry Gordy beard perfectly!

To see the entire Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party event just click HERE!

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