Sunday, February 03, 2008

Janet & Ciari: Feedback Remix (Unofficial)

Yeah, this is sexy, sexy, sexy! I stumbled up on it in my internet travels. This remix is fire! But IT AIN'T OFFICIAL. According to my internet sources Janet nor Island/Def Jam, her new label, have released this to the public. Regardless, this is hot and it's definitely going in my iPod!

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An "unofficial" video (I pray there will be one) would be off da chain if these two dance queens decided to do something together. Throw in Missy Elliot, who I'm guessing MIGHT have influenced certain elements of this remix, and you've got a video that would drive this joint to the top of the charts. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! Beep! Beep! Love it!

In case you didn't know, Feedback is Janet's new single from her upcoming album, Discipline. Cop it February 26th! The single is already available on iTunes and Amazon. Here's a tip: Amazon's music downloads are only 89 cent compared to iTunes 99. Check my Amazon store to the right.

And here's another tip: Janet will be taking over Time Square the day her album drops states her website. No more details right now. So, what that literally means, I haven't a clue. Just be ready for anything!

And here's two goodies from the Discipline album. These were officially released Friday through her website, This first song called Rock With You may be the follow up to Feedback. Though titles are similar, it's not a MJ remake nor does it contain a sample. Actually, It's got a late 80's West Hollywood club feel to it. Lyrically she paints the backdrop for the song with mentions of strobe lights and shadows against the wall dancing as one. You get the picture.

And "Luv" has the current "lean with it, rock with it" vibe that bangs from the windows to the walls of Hip Hop clubs . Borrowing from Control's analogy, the song compares falling in love to being hit by a car. This is definitely one you might here while waiting for the light to change on Wilshire & Crenshaw. LA locals know what I mean. Click brotherman's medallion to hear it.

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