Monday, February 11, 2008

Live From The 50th Grammy Award Press Room

I almost titled this entry, "Grammy Got Your Tongue?". Despite all the thrill and ceremony of becoming a Grammy winner, most of the artists at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards chose not to express it to the press. "Where is everybody?," we kept asking press room organizers backstage. With all the winners, nominees, and performers floating around the Staples Center, we expected plenty of visitors to our tv/ radio press room. Unfortunately, few came. Still, here are a few highlights from the 50th Annual Grammy Awards press room floor:

Appearing as if he'd just auditioned for an urban low budget Alice in Wonderland flick, T-Pain with a huge multi-colored top hat, denim suit, and cane proudly announced he had $17,000 worth of jewels in his mouth. "And that's cheap," he informed us. Despite the fact that he is currently one of the hottest producer/artists in Hip Hop and a first time Grammy winner, not much was asked about his music. Plenty was asked about his clothes and the bling in his mouth.

Now three-time-winner, Jill Scott, informed us she would like to win her next Grammy in the classical music category and possibly in country music. WHAT! Yes, Ms. Jill liked fellow Grammy winner, Brad Paisley's, performance so much, she said she would like to work with him. Of course when Brad heard the news from a reporter, he was quite flattered stating, "Wow, that's a big compliment coming from her." Interesting....

Vince Gill told us don't get it twisted, he has no beef with Kanye. But since Kanye said only he and Amy Winehouse were worthy of Album of the Year despite Gill's and the Foo Fighter's nomination, he was compelled to give the sometimes I-speak-before-I-think rapper a small attitude check. During the show when Gill received his award from Ringo Starr, he questioned whether Kanye could say that he'd ever been given an award by a Beatle.

After all the years of blessing us with beautiful gospel music, this was the first win for the legendary Clark sisters. They received three awards. When asked what was there response to hearing that they were nominated, the sisters confessed to becoming a mess: make-up running, crying, and of course shouting. They were especially happy to make their mother proud. And when Aretha Franklin was mentioned, Karen confessed to being a huge fan.

The big winners of the evening were Amy Winehouse with 5 awards including Song and Record of the Year for Rehab and Kanye West who received 4 awards including Best Rap Album for Graduation.

West's sincere thank you to fans for their support after his mother's death was somewhat expected. But his directing the show from the stage by saying, "it would be in good taste if you stopped the music, then," instantly made heads bowed to computer screens pop up.

Later, Winehouse's stunned response to her Record of the Year win and shout out to jailed husband, "Blake Incarcerated!" received a collective round of laughter as writers furiously typed away to recap the surprising moment for the following morning's news headlines.

Outside of the dynamic duos of Beyonce and the nearly 70 year-old, energetic Tina Turner, and Rihanna's Umbrella  with The Time, Winehouse and West were the hot topics of on the press room floor. Unfortunately, none of them made it back to us to share their Grammy experiences themselves.

Here's some pics:

Hmmm...which way do I go?

Press save then send! Hope you meet your deadline!

This is how the stage looked most of the night, empty.

Taking Chaka's pic almost go me in trouble. No personal photos were allowed in this press room!

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