Saturday, February 16, 2008

NAACP Image Award After Party

After the show it's the after party, and after the party it's the hotel lobby, and after Belve then it's probably Cris...Let me stop right there. I know absolutely nothing about what drinks come before the other unless its Kool-Aid, and I ain't ashamed to say so. I do, however, know a little something about what makes a great after-party besides free booze and free food--GREAT MUSIC! See what I mean below:

And if that didn't make your head nod, then this certainly will! Press "play" on the far left and TURN THIS UP!

music player

And yes that's me singing off key! Partying with Stevie Wonder and Doug E. Fresh at the Beverly Hilton Hotel is how I ended my Image Award Experience. Not bad, huh! Not bad at all!

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