Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Strike Is Over!

It's official!  The WGA and the Alliance for Motion Picture and Television Producers have finally reached an agreement.  Show me the internet money!  Under the tentative contract, writers get a maximum $1,200 flat fee for streamed programs for the first two years, then get 2% of the distributors gross year three. Residual payments have also been increased for downloaded movies and tv shows.

What does this mean for dear old Oscar?  Well, the show will go on as planned without worry of picket lines, boycotting actors, or other strike related drama. But after the Academy Awards, more drama may be coming to a screen near you.  Just because the writers have gotten a deal, it doesn't mean the Screen  Actors Guild won't follow their example and strike too this Spring.  The contract between SAG and the studios will expire in June.  So stay tuned.  There's more to see...

Source: AP

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