Friday, March 28, 2008

Author Eric Jerome Dickey Talks Pleasures

"Self pleasuring was popcorn, my body was telling me it needed steak"
Nina Simone Bijou, Pleasures

Judging by the sexy cover and title of Eric Jermome Dickey's erotic new novel, Pleasures, you may be tempted to experience it while immersed in a warm, scented, bubble bath surrounded by candles, your favorite water-resistant toys, and Maxwell crooning softly from nearby speakers.

Or maybe you'd prefer to read it late at night after the kids are in bed. That's when you and your significant or insignificant other can explore a few scandalous pages together then play out the torrid scenes you just read. Get the picture?

No matter where you read Pleasures, you're bound to have one thing on your mind--SEX. It seems to be all the hedonistic central character, Nia Simone Bijou, can think about. A writer living in Atlanta, she desires new sexual experiences and sets out to turn her wet dreams into hard realities. Yet through her carnal journey she discovers things about herself far beyond the physical that raises more questions than answers. Can two men truly satisfy all her physical and emotional needs? Is great sex truly her motivation or something deeper? And at what cost is Nia willing to find out?

In this candid and sexiest interview I've ever conducted, Pleasures author, Eric Jerome Dickey, talks about creating characters like Nia, erotica author Anais Nin, and the pleasures of his craft. Then we slip into something more comfortable and discuss, what else? SEX! Threesomes, arousing moments with readers, how men and women express their desires differently, and other juicy topics are now all out in the open for your audible pleasure.

Part 1: Introducing Nia

Part 2: What's good erotica read like?

Part 3: What pleasures the author?

hits bookstores nationwide April 1st. Pre-order your copy to the left through Amazon.

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